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Azam Ali and Ramin Torkian, Yoshi's - Oakland, Sep. 2011

Niyaz, a blend of Sufi poetry & folk songs from Mid-East


I had the opportunity to see the recent concert by¬†Niyaz in the San Francisco Bay Area (at Yoshi’s Oakland in September), as part of their world tour. After performances in Oakland, LA and Vancouver, their tour went on to Tunisia, Turkey and Slovenia in October and they have concerts in NYC, Toronto and Philadelphia in November. For details on their upcoming performances see the event calendar.

I have seen Azam Ali perform since her pre-Niyaz days in late 1990s. Every time I’ve seen her, I have enjoyed her music more, and this last one was the best I’ve seen of her and of Niyaz. They More >

Hamed Nikpay, Seattle, July 2009

Hamed Nikpay in concert — LA, Oct. 3 2009


Hamed Nikpay‘s concert tour for his wonderful CD “All is Calm” is tonight in LA. It is unfortunate that this overlaps with the concert by master Shahram Nazeri and his son, Hafez Nazeri. First off, it is really a shame that these two performances have to overlap. It is not that often that we get such high quality performances. It is partly bad planning or perhaps lack of adequate communication. Unfortunately this seems to happen often in our Iranian community. I know many people including myself who have chosen to go see one, would go see the other if they were in different nights. s much I’d More >

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