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Mehrnoosh, a new voice in the Persian pop music


I am generally not a huge fan of Persian pop music except some old timers like Dariush, Farhad (RIP), Googoosh, Haydeh (RIP), among few others, many of whom have been performing since before the 1979 revolution.

Among the newer pop singers I like the Iran-based Mohsen Chavoshi with melancholic love songs. The rapper, Shahin Najafi who is based in Europe, has got powerful social/political lyrics, though it is not really pop music.

And of course we have the SF Bay Area based Kiosk lead by Arash Sobhani, with his insightful social and political songs. But again in terms of style of music they More >

Hamed Nikpay and his new album


Hamed Nikpay‘s concert tour for his new album All is Calm¬†is coming up in LA (Oct. 2009). I met Hamed a few years back in the San Francisco Bay Area shortly after he had arrived from Iran. Hamed is a talented multi-instrumentalist playing Iranian string instruments like setar, but he is also a vocalist with a pleasant voice.

Hamed Nikpay, Seattle, July 2009

Although¬†Hamed is trained in the traditional Persian music, he’s a breath of fresh air with his own unique touch, his choice of wonderful modern Persian poetry that he adopts for his songs, and fusion of traditional Persian music with More >

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