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We lost a great artist way too soon


Kami Kotobi

He was a gentle soul with a subtle smile. I had the chance to meet him on a couple of occasions. The first time was in Orange County a few years ago, where he lived. The second time it was at an art exhibit in San Francisco where his painting Iranian Woman, one of the winners of the SNAC (Social Network Art Competition) 2012, was on exhibit. I so wish there had been a third time. In fact a week before he passed on I was in OC. I wanted to go visit him, see his work close up and have a conversation with him.

I am at complete peace with the universe only and only when I paint or More >

Iran & Iranians — a bit of distant history

The extent of Persian Empire in Achaemenid era, via Wikipedia
Early History

Iranian cultures and arts are rich and diverse, and have their roots in the ancient civilizations that developed as early as the fourth millennium BCE — about 4,000 years before any theistic religion came to existence — across the Iranian plateau.

Cyrus Cylinder, via Wikipedia

Iran has a long and complex history. Cyrus the Great (~ 600 BC – 530 BC), king of Persia during Achaemenid dynasty and the founder of Persian empire, conquered much of the known civilizations and expanded the Persia which spread from More >

Paintings of Maryam Naghshineh


After the revolution of 1979 in Iran and the establishment of the Islamic Republic in the early 1980s, most art forms especially performing arts, were either prohibited (e.g. pop music or singing and dancing by women), or they became very limited and restricted in dealing with certain subject matters such as nudity and sexuality altogether in cinema and fine arts (e.g. painting & sculpture). In general, IRI hasn’t created a nurturing environment for the arts to say the least. Artists have continuously struggled to defend their works for publication, exhibit, screening, or More >

Famed Iranian painter, M.A. Taraghijah passed away


Award-winning Iranian painter, Mohammad Ali Taraghijah, passed away in Tehran on August 12, 2010 at the age of 67 from

M. A. Taraghija

a heart attack. He was born in 1943. Though he studied mechanical engineering, Mr. Taraghijah found his real passion in painting and became one of the prominent artists in the Iranian contemporary art. His first exhibit was in 1976 in Iran at the age of 24. By early 1980s he developed a unique style “characterized by stylized horses that became his trademark”. He exhibited his works world-wide, in Tokyo and Beijing, throughout Europe (e.g. Paris, Madrid, More >

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