Vision & Mission


My vision for Parsology is to serve as an online community for Iranians abroad and to help promote our rich culture among non-Iranians.

Goals & Objectives

That is an ambitious goal and there is a lot to cover. I intend to work towards this vision by focusing on the following primary objectives:

  • Promote artists of Iranian origin all around the world.
  • Provide quality content and articles about Iranian art and culture.
  • Feature qualified Iranian authors, musicians, artists, and scientists and their works.
  • Promote non-profit organizations devoted to good causes for and by Iranians.
  • Raise awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Iranian culture, art and people among non-Iranians.
  • Cover Iranian artistic events, primarily in California for the time being.

Working Together

Though Parsology is a one-man operation at this point, to work towards these ambitious goals and attain any success, will require help and support from others in the community. I have had a number of guest bloggers contribute content to the site, and others have expressed interest in contributing and collaborating. I would also like to list and cover quality artistic events (e.g. concerts, plays, films, plays, talks) in Iranian communities all around the globe, especially outside California where I have less exposure to. I am open to and welcome your ideas, suggestions and help. I look forward to collaborating with those of you who have the resources and the willingness to get involved. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

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