Parsology has its roots in a popular weekly email newsletter from late 1990s for the SF Bay Area that we ran through early 2000s. At its peak it had more than 3,000 subscribers. We launched Parsology in 2009.


Our vision for Parsology is to serve as an online community for Iranians abroad and to help promote our rich culture and arts among Iranians and non-Iranians alike.


Our goals towards achieving that vision are as follows:

  • Promote artists of Iranian origin.
  • Promote quality artistic events especially in US.
  • Provide quality content and articles about Iranian art and culture.
  • Feature qualified Iranian authors, musicians, artists, and scientists and their works.
  • Promote non-profit organizations devoted to good causes for and by Iranians in US or abroad.
  • Raise awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Iranian culture, art and people among non-Iranians.
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