Spirits’ Lullaby is a beautiful song and performance by Dang Show recorded live from a 2007 concert of theirs in Tehran. The lyrics are by Rumi (the 13th century Persian mystic and sufi) from his Shams collection. Dang Show does an amazing job here with a nice jazz arrangement that includes piano and saxophone. It’s truly a lullaby, 9 minutes of pure joy. Enjoy it.

Dang Show is a Persian band based in Iran founded by two brothers Taha Parsa and Reza Shaya in 2004. Their intent was a fresh interpretation of Iranian folk music with a fusion style music which incorporates jazz and creates fusion music using both Western and Eastern instruments in its musical arrangements. They have produced three albums so far: Shiraz 40 Year Old (2010), Deltang Show (2012), and their latest, Dang Show Room (2014). The word dang in Persian (among other things) means to go mad, to lose consciousness. Going crazy or losing one’s mind in Sufism often refers to a mental and spiritual transformation and achieving enlightenment.

Dang Show did a series of concerts in US and Europe a few years back which I had a chance to see and meet the group. The group members have changed since somewhat. One of the key members, Omid Nemati, since left the group and started Pallett that has also made its mark in the alternative Persian music scene.