Rana Farhan, the New York based Iranian singer, along with her band, had a performance at Yoshi’s San Francisco, on October 2, 2011, that was quite well-received.

“I do not know how Rana manages to combine the classical Persian poetry with contemporary jazz and blues and make it sound so good but she does it,” said Sharareh, one of Rana Farhan’s fans at Yoshi’s in San Francisco.

As an Iranian American singer, Rana Farhan has found a way to sing the rich classical poetry of Iran with the underground sound of the America, jazz and blues. Her ability to fuse these two very distinct cultures and deliver such a unique musical style makes her standout. In her seductively low voice Rana performs beautifully in both Farsi and English, in a style reminiscent of the great masters Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan.

Born and raised in Iran, Rana’s love for American blues started from a young age, but it was not until she came to New York when she discovered her love for Jazz. Life took a big turn for Rana in 2005 when she met a veteran of New York’s rock and blues scene, Steve Toub. They have since become each other’s partners in life and music making and have published three albums with their latest being the Moon & Stone. Rana and Steve with the help of local San Francisco musicians put a marvelous performance together which received a roaring applause from the audience last Sunday.

Their performance was particularly emotional for Steve’s sister, Stephanie Toub who was amongst the crowd that night. “I wish our parents were alive to see tonight. They would be so proud.  While Steve has always been great in music I believe that he did not come together as a musician until he met Rana.” The two artistes live in New York and their passion for music and a love of life, transpires on the stage and in their music.

Note: this piece and the photos are contributed by Parimah Sedaghat.